Van Lease FAQs

Is van lease insurance included within the cost of leasing the van?

Van rental companies often include a degree of insurance within the rental cost of the van. However, this insurance is often the most basic form of third-party insurance that is available, leaving the operator entirely liable for any costs associated with the van from minor accidents to the complete destruction of the vehicle. Rental companies will often offer a more comprehensive insurance package at additional cost to the user and provide optional insurance components in order to suit the operator’s requirements.

Is van lease insurance necessary?

The level of van lease insurance that is chosen by the operator is entirely down to the discretion of the user. Only the user knows their exact requirements and what risks are likely to be encountered to their person, to the vehicle and to the load. However, it would be the course of wisdom to at least insure the vehicle to a comprehensive level to be covered in the case of an accident or even the complete destruction of the vehicle. Otherwise, the operator may find themselves liable for a very large bill and even a lawsuit if the vehicle is involved in an accident or incident.

Do rental vans carry a warranty?

Rental vans often carry a full manufacturer’s warranty which protects both the rental company and the user against defects which are caused by a fault in the manufacturing process or a failure of one or more components. However, the operator should check with the rental company that the van is covered by such a warranty as some vans, particularly older vans, will not be covered.

Is roadside assistance included in the cost of the rental?

Roadside assistance is often included by the rental company within the cost of the van rental. However, the operator should check with the rental company prior to leasing the van.

What is the duration of the van lease?

The duration of leases available from a rental company often depends on the individual company and the type of company that is offering the lease. Some rental companies specialise in short-term leases which offer van rentals for periods ranging from a day to a couple of weeks. Conversely, a number of rental companies specialise in long-term leases which offer van rentals for periods ranging from one year to five years and beyond.

What types of van are available for rental?

The range of vans that are available for rental is extensive with variations both in size and shape of van to fit the requirements of the individual user. Van sizes vary from small hatchback vans through to conventional purpose-built vans to high-capacity vans to rigid lorries and many other sizes. Van shapes vary from car-shaped vans through to conventional rectangular-shaped vans to box vans and many other varieties. Whatever the shape or size of the load there is almost certainly a van that is available to suit the requirements of that particular load.

Van Lease FAQs