With numerous companies world wide now offering lease van’s for hire it has never been easier to rent a van.  Every company has multiple choices of makes and models, and leases suited to each individual customers needs. 

How To Hire A Lease Van

The easiest way to hire a van is to use an online search engine.  Every country has numerous companies willing to hire vans on both short and long term leases.  Prices vary depending on the lease and model of the van that you choose.  Once you have found a few companies that meet your needs, compare them and see if they offer any extras such as insurance, the possibility to buy the van at the end of the lease period and how many miles are included in the lease and how much the charge is for exceeding this value.  When you have compared them phone the company up to see if there are any extra deals the company can make you and then once satisfied, and after checking the small print you are ready to go.

Van Options

There are numerous options to consider when hiring a van.  These are outlined below.

  • How long do you need to hire the van for?  If it is for a one off for example moving house, try and look for a company that offers short term hire.  Many will not offer a lease of less than 12 months although some offer short term leases of just 28 days.  Check that the lease is cost effective for you before agreeing.

  • How big a van do you need?  Do you just need a pick up?  Or a small van for deliveries.  If you are moving a house a bigger van may be preferred.  Most companies will tell you the dimensions of the van in the description.  Don’t make the mistake of getting a van that is not suited to your needs after you have signed a lease.

  • Do you really need a new van?  If you are renting for a long term period the answer will probably be yes, as you are most likely to be paying for the maintenance costs of the van yourself, and it goes without saying that the newer the van the more reliable it will be.  If you only need the van for a short term period, an older and cheaper model may be more sufficient.

  • Does the company offer any extras?  Things like insurance and maintenance costs can all add up, though some companies will include this in the price.  The monthly cost might be slightly higher but this may be worthwhile in the event of an unexpected large sum half way into your lease.


There are as outlined above many things to consider when hiring a lease van and there are so many companies available that things might seem a bit daunting at first.  If you work out what you need and then search for companies that cater for your needs, a solution is not far away.  It doesn’t hurt to be slightly cheeky when discussing your needs with a company, if they cannot help you with the odd extra or a slightly lower price there are other companies that will.


Lease Van Hire