Van Leasing UK

What is leasing a Van?

Leasing of a Van is basically a indenture between two people- the leaser (i.e. owner of the van) and the lessee (i.e. borrower of the van); whereby the latter borrows the van for a specified period of time; and pays the latter a pre determined amount, at specified intervals for it.

Buying a Van Vs Leasing a Van

Many businesses require the use of vans for their day to day operations. These could be fixed location businesses, which need incoming transportation of raw materials and/or outgoing transportation of their finished goods; such as caterers, and small scale manufacturers etc. Another category of businesses that require vans are the mobile businesses; and may include mobile libraries, mobile eateries etc.  

An important decision before them is to decide whether to buy a van, or to lease it. A major difference, between the two, lies in the mode of payment of either. The van buying option requires you to pay the entire price of the car in one go; which in no terms is a small investment. On the other hand, the option of van leasing U.K. or in other parts of the world, allows you to make monthly payments for the duration of the use of the car; which is definitely easier on the pocket.  Another difference lies in the flexibility offered by the aforementioned options. In buying it, you will be stuck for the entire life of the vehicle, unless of course you wish to resell it at low prices. In comparison, van leasing U.K. offers you to use the vehicle for only the contractual period of time; after which you may either choose to renew it, or go in for another model or altogether another vehicle.

There are another couple of points, which should to be taken into consideration, while deciding between the two. One is that, leasing is not equal to ownership; all or some of the maintenance costs of the van may shift onto you, yet who would not be the owner and would have to return it at the end of the term.

Choosing a Van Leasing U.K.

  • Choose one that is reputable and clearly explains all the terms and conditions to you.

  • Be careful and do not fall into traps that say “cheap” leasing. You could actually end up spending more with such kind of offers.

  • Make sure you do your market research before jumping into a contract with any company.

  • Find a company which will let you prematurely en the contract should anything go wrong.

  • Most companies have their listings online and you are able to make reservations online itself. Choose such a company that is capable of delivering the van to you.

  • You can even take a van abroad when you’d like. There are companies that allow this feature as well. This is a bit more expensive than domestic leasing.

Choose carefully and you should have yourself a good van for the tie period you want it for.

Van Leasing UK