When you lease a van you are basically renting a van for short or long term use depending on your circumstances.  With numerous companies online and in the high streets offering this service, there are multiple options available and leases to suit every customer.

Is It Worth It?

A huge advantage to leasing a van is lower monthly payments than if you had bought a van with a loan.  It is also extremely easy to upgrade your van when your lease runs out to a newer model.  However whilst leasing allows you to drive a van for lower monthly payments, once the lease has ran out you are required to return the van to the hire company instead of owning it which you would if you had bought it.  There is always an option in some leases to buy the van from the company you leased it from after the lease has run out although you should check the terms of your contract for more details.

When you lease a van there are multiple options for you to choose from and every company is different.  If you only need a van for a short amount of time (for example no longer than one month), see how much you would be charged using other options and compare them to the lease companies price.  It is important to choose a lease in which the terms meet what you need.  There is no point paying extra for unlimited miles for example if you are not going to use them.  Also decide whether you need a new van or an older model, older models are generally cheaper although they are slightly less reliable.  It all depends on what you need as an individual, and which will work out better for you in the end.

Understanding The Lease Terms

Before you sign on that dotted line make sure you read through the lease and that it suits your individual needs.  Many companies will change the lease to suit the individual so do not be afraid to ask.  Also check what the company classes as minor wear to the van as you do not want to be left with a hefty bill when you return it.  Other things to check before you sign are items included such as insurance and miles, and also termination charges just in case you do need to end that lease earlier than you initially thought.


There are so many companies around worldwide that offer vans for lease that it is quite easy once you know what you want to find a van that suits your individual needs.  Being thorough and making you know what you want before you sign is important; and remember that companies want your custom so don’t be afraid to double check everything before you sign.  There are many advantages to leasing, and a solution for everyone.

Leasing Vans