Van Lease Deals

Leasing of vans refers to a legal concord, whereby a lender (or the leaser), lends his van to the borrower (or the lessee). This agreement further involves a series payments made by the lessee to the lender, in lieu of the van used. There are a number of businesses that offer a wide variety of van lease deals. All of these van lease deals can be distinguished on a variety of parameters. These include the following:

  • Duration of the contract
  • Payment schemes
  • Rates offered
  • Brands and models of the vans offered
  • Van Return Policies
  • Van usage restrictions etc

All of the terms (including the above mentioned) are determined before the contract is signed between the parties; and are clearly mentioned in the same.

Benefits of Van Lease Deals

  • The cost is the first factor that one needs to consider when thinking about buying a van. Instead it makes a lot more sense to lease a van. The monthly premiums of leasing are lower than the ones you will pay for buying van.

  • The security deposit is also not as much s one would be paying as a down payment.

  • Van lease deals guarantee you a van that is in good shape; but it will be available at only a portion of the cost that you may pay to purchase one.

  • You will pay this rental over a period of months, instead of in one go.

  • You will be free from the risk of depreciation, and only pay for the months that you use the car. 

Questions to ask before leasing a van

  • Find out all the costs involved in getting the van handed over to you. Is it only your monthly premium or even the insurance or do you have to pay any additional costs?

  • Find out the kind of the lease that you are getting into. There are different kinds of leases and you need to know what kind o lease you have signed up for or going to sign up for.

  • Find out if you have any kind of mileage limit. Many companies keep a mileage limit per year. This is something that directly affects the resale value and hence should be found out right in the beginning.

  • All the vans will have warranty. You need to find out how long does the warranty of the van last for.

  • If by chance you happen to get in to an accident and the van gets a damage that is cosmetic in nature, how much will you have to pay?

  • Ask about how much you should be expecting to spend on the maintenance of the van. This should an important factor in your van lease.

  • Some of the companies only accept termination of the contract prematurely only on certain conditions. Find out those conditions so that if you need to prematurely terminate your contract you know the conditions that are applicable.

Van Lease Deals