Van Lease Offers

Van Lease

Van leasing is a great alternative for people who either want, or need, a van; but can’t afford to endow such a large amount, in one go. The information below will help you know your options

Van Lease Options Available

Before hunting for van lease offers available in the markets, it is important to decide on the kind of lease option that they want to opt for. Some of the most common options available are:

  • Hire Purchase –The person may use the van, and concurrently pay a series of instalments, for a pre-specified extent; at the end of which he will become the legal owner of the vehicle.

  • Finance Lease –The finance company buys your desired van, and lets you use it for majority of its life. In return you pay them a series of instalments and at the end of the term have the option of acquiring the possession of that van.

  • Contract Hire –The most common form of lease, it means usage of the van for a precise duration of time; a down payment is involved, followed by monthly instalments for the duration of the contract.

  • Leveraged Lease –It is what is most frequently known as borrowing funds (or loans) from monetary institutions.

Once the shopper has decided on the kind of funding option and compared the various van lease offers, he can take a final decision.

Van Lease Offers Available

There is a surfeit of van lease offers on hand in the market. Each of them is different. The first distinction can be made on the basis of their payment schemes. Some may require a larger down payments and smaller monthly premiums while some ask for a smaller upfront payment, which makes the monthly instalments more expensive. There are also those that altogether have higher or cheaper overall rate. They may further vary on the restrictions that are included in the terms and conditions on the usage of the van, such as mileage etc; or perhaps on the state that they expect their van to be returned in. You have the option of deciding on the term of the lease; as well as may be presented a lot of options for the van models.

Tips, Before Accepting Van Lease Offers

Once you have finally decided on the van leasing firm, a van of your choice, as well as on one of their van lease offers, keep in mind the following tips

  • If the firm is offering you ‘cheap’ van lease offers, they usually include hidden costs, or exclude the benefits that are normally included in van lease offers.

  • Review all the clauses, terms and conditions of the contract carefully. This is very important and should not be over looked.

  • Check the van that you plan to lease thoroughly; to avoid ending up with a vehicle that is high on maintenance, and low on performance.
Van Lease Offers