Is renting a safe option?

Car rentals have become widely practiced phenomenon across the world today. Considering the fact that travel and tourism has increased to a colossal extent owing to the multinational companies and expanded global trade, car rentals certainly seem to be drawing copious returns as a business. There are hundreds of rental service providers that offer their services at competitive prices and even some added services to lure the customers.

There are many van leasing companies. Most van rental and short term lease service providers aim to offer the best services to their clients in order to stand out from their contemporaries. Many companies offer various kinds of cars but in the last decade there were not many companies that offered van lease as an option. With the rise in businesses finding that vas are extremely useful, the last couple of years have seen an incredible increase in van leasing companies. They offer everything from warranties to insurance to everything you could need to hire a van at an affordable cost.

Choosing a vendor to rent a van on short term lease

The van leasing industry caters to varying needs of people whereby they allow short term van lease as well as van leases for a long term basis. This can even go up to the duration of a year. The best part about such vendors is that the customer does not really have to meet them in person but he/she can virtually book the van lease for the desired duration. The rules and regulations for leasing a vehicle differ from one vendor to the other. Some may require an initial amount to be deposited as a security which is refundable whereas others do not charge any security amount. The insurance has to be separately purchased or paid for until the period of the lease. Similarly some van lease vendors charge a two way amount for a single journey to establish the costs of fuel whereas the ones who are relatively new or are keen on increasing their customer base often charge a one way rental only.

Frequently asked questions about short term leasing

  • Who takes care of delivering the van once leased?

In most cases the delivery is taken care of by the company which is leasing out the van itself. However there are a few companies which only allow a person to come ad pick up the van from their office after completing all the formalities.

  • What bout insurance of the van?

Insurance needs to be purchased however if you instruct the leasing company they can offer insurance options t a little higher cost, this only a service on request.

  • How long does it take to fulfil a booking?

This depends on the company which is offering the van and your decantation. A van can be yours in less than 2 working hours if everything goes right but there are companies which take about 2 working days as well.

Short Term Van Lease